The family

The Frank Palmer family share a common quest to squeeze as much fun out of everyday as possible. The challenge is the backbone of our lifestyle. 

It could be to make the pinball high score at the local lunch shack, wear tuxedo to work or randomly text a stranger.                   

There is always a challenge in store when we travel. Eat the hottest dish in India, play table tennis at the highest altitude or work as a shepherd for a day. You name it. If it´s fun and bring excitement to your life so why not.

All this started with a lunch at the beach. After a few beers we were challenged by a stranger at the bar. He would pick up our tab if we came up with a way to make everybody in the restaurant laugh. We accepted the challenge and used our limited skills to entertain the crowd. It worked, and not only did we escape the tab but we had fun.

The strangers name is Frank Palmer and he started our quest to challenge each other. Now we want to invite you to the family.